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Sound Quality

I *had* the made in Japan version which is supposedly better than the new ones. I didn't like it very much though. This flanger is sort of weak and harmless. It sounds alright when played clean. You get chorus-like sounds and some old school vibrato which wounds interesting but simply not very exiting or versatile. It is not the most expressive flanger. It sounds more like a chorus with delay time control (see H2O by Visul Sound). I found the pedal terrible when played with distortion due to metallic highs. It is impossible to get a good "airplane" sound. You need to crank up the regeneration knob for that. Doing that will make this pedal sound like a broken reverb coil.


I believe you can depend on it but I haven't used it live, so no rating.

General Comments

I had Ibanez and MXR flangers in the past and this is the worst I've tried. I would not recommend it and would not buy it again. It's somewhat harmless but useless. If you like effects that are not too radical this might be for you. Otherwise stay away.

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