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Digital Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Patchbay/Processor

Sound Quality

I use this with two keyboards (Roland D-50 and U-20) and various rack units (Korg, Alesis, Roland, Lexicon). It allows me great flexibility over various setups. You can only process two incoming devices, so it might not be ideal for setups with 3 or more controllers.


I'va actaully had some problems with the device when there are less than optimum power conditions. If there's bad power, the unit has a tendency to crash. You have to restart it. I don't use a power conditioner but this might solve the problem. Otherwise, it's been dependable; I have gigged with it for 12 years and wouldn't go anywhere without it.


General Comments

The MX-8 is the heart of my MIDI setup. I'm replacing it for home studio use only because I need something more compatible with my PC, but I will co0ntinue to use it for live shows.

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