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Sound Quality

i use Fender Mustangs and a Jag-Stang All with Single coils. i use a Marshall Valvestate 8100 head, with 4X12 cab. Not noisy at all. The effect is not week, it can get very wattery, or very "fender amp chorus" sounding. Sounds alot like the Nirvana's Nevermind record/era. You can get that "come as you are type water effect. i use vintage/hand maid Fuzz boxes (Big-Muff, Superfuzz, Rocket Fuzz, Fuzz face) And the Fuzz goes nicely with it. It sounds very good all around.


Well, i've never had a DOD break on me, but i haven't owned 1 DOD for more than 2 years, it seems cheap though. Yeah, i'd gig with it. So N/A

General Comments

i play mainly Mudhoney, Nirvana, The Doors, Hendrix, Cream, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon jefferson etc.

i've been playing 6 years. Heres my Setup:

Mustang---> USA Big-Muff--->custom handbuilt Rocket Fuzz box---> Black cat Superfuzz--->Fuzz face Clone--->DOD stereo chorus---> Marshall 100 watt Valvestate head--->Kustom 4X12 cab.

i love the waterry solos you can do on it. It's really vintage sounding to me. i compared it to some $350 stereo chorus, and a Small stone, and this little DOD does a better job than they did. i hate that the on/off switch is a pad versoion, you have to press on it hard and on the right place, it just feels ackward. i'd probubly buy another.

i wish i had a Fender twin reverb tube amp. i usually use it for rythme, on clean, or solos on Fuzz, But i prefer Solos with Fuzz only, so it doesn't help me make music, but only your heart,creativity,talent,spirit, and experiance can help you make music.

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