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Sound Quality

I got this amp a couple years ago when the majority of my playing as in my bedroom. I play more agressive stuff a la Glassjaw, Deftones, Rage, etc, and as such focus more on the distorted tones and like many solid state amps it sounds great a low volumes but starts to mush out at higher ones. Also many of the little nuance features such as cab size etc, seem to lose there character as the volume is increased. On the good side the clean chennel seems to retain it's clarity and harmonic value at any level, and the wealth of sounds alone (see above features) make this amp stand out.


No Complaints- except the fottswitch cost too much to replace.

General Comments

All in all I think I overpaid as these kinds of amps tend to decrease in value very quickly, but I am happy enough with the amp itself as I run my signal through an aby box to a marshall 8100 (which has great distortion). This allows me to take advantage of both the full clean tone and the innumerable wierd sounds of the ax2. I would only reccomend this amp to an intermediate player- it definitely helps you in experimenting with different effects and what not- and even then only if you could get a deal on it- $500 or $600 canadian

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