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Sound Quality

using with tech 21 trademark 60, tele copy with humbuckers - it is slightly noisy, nothing too bad, it gets a decent range of sounds, but here is the best use for it i have found yet - level all the way up, gain all the way down, tone to somehere above halfway - add this to a slightly gritty clean tone and it is indie/emo-y heaven - it is SO sweet and warm, and clear - think rainer maria slightly overdriven tone, and youyre about there - then when i use the distortion channel on the tech21 for heavyier gain, it thickens it and makes it just a little fuzzier - awesome.other than this function, though, there are few really great sounds, imo.


cant say, it hasnt seen much heavy use yet, i forgot about it and just found it in the closet - that said, the battery compartment lid is missing and the ac input is broken. the switch feels ok, i guess it will last. no backup, but it wouldnt be too disastrous if it cut out on a gig.

General Comments

good for rockin stuff, indie styles, whatever, alright for jazz, depending on what you want. been playing for years now; in the absence of an old mxr distortion II or something like, its a great cheap fix for an awesome low gain tone. the high gain tones were decent, but my amp does a better high gain tone while sucking at low/medium gain tones - so this pedal is a good fit. All you "tone conneisuers" stay away, of course, being that this is a review for a DOD pedal, youve already passed over it, but you can have your $200 Fulltones, this is a nice sweet low fi sound for 20 bucks - im happy.

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