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Sound Quality

I used my GE-7 running into a 1973 Fender Bassman head through two 12's. The Bassman has the most primitive tone-shaping possibilities I know of (a bass control, and a treble control- that's it). The GE-7 allows amazing tone control with virtually no added noise. Really a great aid in any setup. The really great thing with the GE-7 is that it can be used as a pre-amp. By boosting my input signal (turning up the output slider on the GE-7), I am able to get a subtle, easily controlled front-end distortion. It gives my guitar a commanding, ballsy tone that inspires me as a lead player. It really cuts through.


I bout my pedal used & have never had a single problem with it. It is my main pedal- it is on all night, every night I play out. The one I have is a tank.

General Comments

I play rock & oldies. I've played guitar for 39 years. Currently I am between bands. I've read that David Gilmour (at least at one time) split his guitar signal into 4 or 5 different paths, running through different effects configurations, and he used a GE-7 in every path. The tone-shaping ability, coupled with the pre-amp function and the reliability of the pedal make it a great tool.

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