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Sound Quality

I feel that some have given this thing an overtly bad rap. It's true that it will not give a real tube sound so it may be badly named. However It makes a fairly filthy rythm sound almost like the current Alex Lifeson sound (Rush) and can do a reasonable Hendrix noise. It makes a pretty good bass fuzz if you set it up properly (better than some dedicated bass only stuff) So it has a kind of overdrive come fuzz sound about it. Yes, it can sound blurly. Yes, it can sound tinny. No, it will not really sing! I've used through Fender and Roland amps and through single coils and humbuckers, and it will sound a bit different with various setups. If you want a real good overdrive, Its not this pedal. If you want a grungy fuzzy blury overdrivey thing this could be your pedal! I'll give it the marks for what it is, not for what it was supposed to be!


It's been good. I know that the switches can fail, but the switches are cheap and easily replaced.

General Comments

I play styles from Folk to Cyberpunk and have been playing for around 17 years.

I have too much gear to list, but if we are talking pedals I have brands such as Dod, Boss, Real tube, Ibanez, Danelectro, Tech 21 and others.

Yes there is much better ODs about but this one has a kind of filthy in your faceness that I kind of like.

If I lost it I would either eventually get another one or or just leave this one as a happy memory.

It does what it does, I'm happy with that.

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