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Sound Quality

Epiphone SG thru peavey amp.There is this septic,fuzzy hum that is omni-present.Can enhance or hinder.It doesn't interfere,in my use of it anyway.For guitar and melodious things,I use light ring mod(smear at about the halfway mark),the SUCK switch(no it doesnt make you automatically play bad)at slightly below the halfway mark,no gunk(distortion)and halfway up on the HEAVE.This setting produces a "plethora of bells" type sound when playing arpeggiated chords.Good shit.Another neat thing you can do is hook it up to a phaser at max quasi-ring mod rate(a small stone works perfectly for this;color switch down)to achieve a steel drum sound.Throw an envelope filter into the equation and you have a full-blown percussion synth.Play with mallets while muting,strum percussively(as with porn-style wah), or simply tap your pickups in time.It also works pretty well with a good fuzz pedal,toned down a bit.It is not the most advanced effect in its class,but it was named by Beavis and Butthead.Were you actually thinking it was gonna sound like that schnazzy moogerfooger?


not actively gigging at this time but shouldn't need backup if I was.People wouldn't stage dive to my shit anyhow and I drank my beer before the show back in the day

General Comments

I'm playing some spacey,melodic,guitar-oriented breakbeat tunes these days and have been exploring musical possibilities fer 15 years and this thing suits my needs fine for now.It helps add really pretty church bell tones to my chords and I can turn my guitar into a drum which is pretty cool.It's not the moogerfooger so foog yr own mooger,but if it were lost er stolen,I'd save up some cash for the BigBriar.However noone in my town would use a ring mod cuz Ted Nuggets doesn't play one.Ok here's a list of all my pedals:EH smallstone,Big Muff,Bassballs Boss pitchshifter/delay,DOD envelope filter and Gonkulator,Danelectro french toast,Pepperoni,Tuna melt,Hashbrowns,Danecho,modified Ibanez soundtank phaser(see my review).I don't use all these at once.I'll be reviewing each of these and including the combinations I use to help my brethren on a budget.

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