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Sound Quality

Geez...this little box has a lot of great points about it, but it also has a lot of bad ones too. I'll just run down the list and see what kind of average I get... 1 The speaker...It's got a little 3" speaker and pushes about 10 watts....shot, technically you could put this thing in the amp catagory...Now the speaker does have a certain charm about it...almost a cheap vintage sound, it does not give the same quality you get with the headphones. It's nice for a quick practice, but not great, it gets a 6. 2 Compression...Both normal and bright. I really think the compression in this little unit is better than any other multi unit I've tried. It really seems to do the job. It's worth an 8. 3 Distortions...I'm not going to run thru all of them, there's some good ones and bad ones, but I will say that this thing actually has analog circuitry for the distortions and it does make a huge difference in sound. I had to rethink the way I programed this thing, what worked on all the others, did not work here. For good sounding, I've gotten sounds ranging from Zakk Wylde to an old 60's style fuzz to a Fender Champ out of this thing and it's great. So far, the best distortions I've ever gotten out of any multi-effect unit. Only one problem that I can live with, but can be annoying, sometime when you change from one digit to another on the gain there's a major drop that's a bit annoying, it's not horrible, but it could be better. I have a general rule not to ever give a 10, because there's always room for improvement (like that drop between digits on some of the gains) so I'll give the distortion a 9. 4 WAH...there's 4 things in this catagory, auto wah, phase wah, enhancer and step mode. Step mode is really cool, kind of an arrpegiator for guitar and I do use it sometimes. I haven't really figured the enhancer out and never use it. both auto wah and phase wah bring this thing down. They just don't sound right to me. phase wah sounds like they combined wah and phase into one effect...I suppose that could be interesting, but I'd much rather have a regular phase shift. I'd say both the auto wah and phase wah deserve a 3. but the step mode deserves an 8, so pretty much a 5.5 in this area. 5 EQ...it works, not really much to mess up here. You do have two EQs to choose 4 band or 2 band...The 2 band lets you adjust the frequency of each band, so in some ways it's more flexable than the 4 band. A 9 for eq. 6 Modulation...The effects are Chorus, Flange, Tremolo, Ring Modulation, Doubling and SFX-T. OK, the Chorus, Flange, Tremolo and Doubling are all nice sounding to me...just what I like out of them and simple to edit (not a lot of extra things to edit, like wave length and stuff like that...I hate that). I gues the ring modulator works fine, but I never really got into that effect much, so it's hard for me to rate and SFX-T is just plain weird. It's kind of a synth type effect for guitar that so far I've found no use for. Overall, if I ignore the two odd ones, the effects are real nice and deserve an 8. 7 Reverb/Delay...I do wish they were seperate, but they do sound good. The delay is nice and has a bit of an analog feel to it. I do use it for U2 or Marillion type stuff, but since it only does 420ms, I can't do Brian May stuff that I like with it. I also think there should be more to adjust the feedback on the delay. It seems it goes from a little feedback to a lot in pretty big jumps and maybe being able to adjust from 0 to 20 instead from 0 to 10 would fix that. Overall a 7 here. 8 Amp Simulation...You've got combo, bright combo and stack. They work very well and I think they're very convincing. Maybe not perfect, but I find myself playing this thing through my headphones more than I use my tube amp anymore. Good amp sims that deserve an 8. OK, when I average all that I get a 7.5 and I think the good qualities are worth much more than the bad so I'll round up to an 8. It's superb for headphone use or


It's plastic and I don't think it very durable if you plan on abusing it. I've already had a small problem with the volume knob crackling when I use it, but I sprayed it with contact cleaner and it's better. I don't think I'd trust it without back-up, but I might trust it AS back-up. It's really designed as a practice unit, and I think it's great for that, but I don't think it would handle much more than that.

General Comments

Probably one of the best practice units I've ever bought. I have no intention of getting rid of it and would search for another if I lost it. I do wish it came with a foot controller, they say on was made, but it's harder to find than the actual unit itself. I do kind of wish there were a few more effects, like pitch shift, and a better phase and longer delays and an expression pedal for wah, volume control and modulation control. Right now, I am considering another unit that does all of that (probably a Digitech RP-300), but even if I get that, I will keep the 7010 and probably run it before the unit. Well see. Overall, I rate this unit with a 7. It doesn't do everything I want it to do, but what it does, it does more than good.

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