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Sound Quality

This unit produces all kinds of horrible hissing noise. In the effects loop of my 5150 it made so much hiss that it was completely unbearable. I put it in front of the amp and the hissing lessened, but was still very annoying. With all of the sliders in the middle, at zero, there was no hiss. But once they were moved, the hiss became loud.


Would never use this pedal.

General Comments

Completely useless pedal. So noisy that it cannot be used. I'm not going to go buy a noise gate just so I can use it, which is probably what would be required. My amp is not noisy, and this unit made me sound like I was using a cheap guitar and amp, when I use a Peavey 5150 and a Gibson Les Paul.

I would never recommend this pedal to anyone - rather, I recommend NOT buying it at all because it is a waste of money.

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