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Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play mostly metal/progressive type music. This guitar is well suited for this style especially considering that low B is nice for some extra bottom end.The guitar is very quite ,and big sounding. This guitar is not one demensional ,and is capable of playing many diffrent styles. I play a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis with a 2100 power amp. I use the Mar 4 c+ setting it is the best especially with this axe. One thing that I dislike is you are stuck with were the pickups are positioned. This took some getting used to ,but there must be a reason for it. Intially I wanted to lower the neck pickup slightly.


I have played this guitar at every gig I have done over the last two years. Eveything is still in mint condition it is a work horse. This is the only seven string I own ,and so far I have not needed a backup. This guitar is reliable ,and durable. Music Man/Ernie Ball makes great instruments ,and they are made in the U.S which is great.


General Comments

I have been playing for 14 years. Guitars= JP 7-String,ESP Eclipse limited,Fender Strat,Washburn JB 100. Amps Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis ,2100 power amp,Mesa Cabinets, 2 Peavy 5150's.If this axe were stolen I would by another one. I can not think of any other 7-string I would rather play. I have no complaints on this guitar. It is a great instrument.

Reviewer's Background

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