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Sound Quality

I am playing.... Home-made strat copy (maple body) Seymour Duncan Distortion (bridge) Seymore Duncan Vintage Single Coil (neck) Peavey Studio Pro 112 (in through the high gain channel/clean) I love the tube tones. The solid state distortions were nice. Between the two, I can emulate just about any sound. The EQ doesn't allow for as much flexibility as I would like, but it is OK. I can always use a BOSS GE-7 in series if necessary. The noise gate is acceptable. Nuff Said. Chorus/Flange/Phaser effects are incredible, but the REVERB is even better. I have never had better luck with ANY reverb unit before. Dont listen to people who dont like the wah pedal. There is an adjustable setting for the WAH that controls the maximum and minimum positions. You can get ANY range by futzing with these settings. I have a good crybaby sound right now. All in all, I love the unit.


I love the setup, but for some reason, I am afraid my fat feet are gonna break the pedals :)

General Comments

They need a power switch, and a good manual.

It is the best processor I have ever bought. Good versatility in the tones. Digitech got me back as a customer.

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