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Sound Quality

Simply *forget* using this as your sole distortion source. It can reasonably enhance another (pre amp?) distortion to drive the sounds into the "crazy" zone. Autowah - Laughable (forget it). Has a "digital" edge to it. Can lose the "warmth" of a guitar. The 9030 messes with the levels and quality too much to be put in line between guitar and amp. (so don't use the "Hi-Z" input on the front). Better wired in an effects loop of a pre amp to enable total bypass. Chorus-8/10 1sDelay10/10 EQ-useful. Special effects(explosions etc.)-Hilarious fun. Some interesting stereo stuff.


Rock solid for 4 years BUT beware of the internal battery. When it dies, you lose all of your programming. The unit then fires up in default setting. Not something you want to let happen. Manual says "do not open - no serviceable parts" and specifically instructs you to return the unit for battery swap after 3 years. I've opened the box and swapped the battery with no problem when time and location has left no other option. Batteries are clip in. Easy to change and are about a buck. I always keep spare batteries. When you change the battery, you lose all of the programming so plan for it. I'm thinking about modifying the unit to take 2 batteries in parallel to avoid this ugly issue. The manual says batteries last 3 years. They don't!!!

General Comments

This is a good unit for messing about with and learning about how differrent effects sound but has some limitations compared with separate units. Don't expect it do do everything that a complete set of separate effects pedals/units will do. It can't. Pretty good unit for the MIDI pedal brigade but does not support continuous controllers so don't think you'll be able to control any of the settings via a MIDI pedal board attached to a volume pedal or Continuous controller pedal. (You can't). I've had a lot of fun with it. I won't sell it but if it was stolen, I'd look around at other stuff before buying this again. I have augmented it (and will continue to augment it) with other effects. 1/2 rack size. Good utilisation of space in your rack. I use it out of the effects loop of a Marshall JMP1.

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