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Sound Quality

using this with Gibson LP Custom, Hamer Import Archtop, Aslin Dane Strat Copy, Taylor Big Baby Acoustic thru either Mesa Mark IIB or Fender Princeton or Direct thru a PA The unit is a little loud and hard to control with most of the factory preset patches on the front end of the amp and thru the FX loops, this is where i started to check the manual out to edit the patches (and come up with your own; 40 user patches) simply to reduce the volume; discovered (for me anyway) i like it best when i turned off the amp and cab sims when i am playing thru an amp. The effects really shine at that point; great chorus, echo/delays, modulations fx's etc... i find the acoustic sims are great if a little noisy (maybe i need to experiment around with these some guitar signal loss thru guitar loop the more time i spend with this unit the more i can customize to get what i am looking for except for sustain.... no time delay between patches, the waw-waw is not a cry baby but themn again if i had to daisy chain all these effects it would be a chord, battery, noise nightmare;


metal case for the money the best constructed one in the bunch

General Comments

have used the Korg AX1000G thru amp fx loop and Direct to pa....approx $250 (they are coming out with a new one in fall 2001 so this should lower price), does a nice job on delays and modulation fx's (chorus, phase shifters, tremelo, echo several types); decent noise gate; not bad on acoustic sims (a little noisy); has a lot of different distortions and amp sims that are not bad); i use the amps lead channel rather than amp sims or distortion (turn off the amp sims and cabs) and find the fx are more responsive and realistic (buts that is just my personal preference)


used it direct without an amp (good pa and monitors and pro soundman) and very impressed with the unit, i am guessing but i believe this is where you can get a lot of use out of the amp sims and cabs, my personal preferences are with an amp, but if you are in a situation where amps are not an option, this can easily do the job....


very well constructed unit (metal case)


biggest wish for improvement in the area of sustain overall, for the price, it has been fine, would reccomend that you give ax1000g a listen.....

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