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Sound Quality

I have a fairly basic pedal setup. Dunlop Wah>TS-9>DS-1>Ice Box Chorus. I chose these pedals as they let your playing shine through and don't over-colour the sound of the guitar. Just the right mix for my tastes. I play into either a Marshall AVT50 or a Traynor YCV-20 and the whole set-up is fairly quiet with either amp. I also use a power supply, which for some people causes problems, but I the guts of everything under my pedal board so that may cut out the chance of noise in my set-up. I've had several chorus pedals (Boss CH-1, Ibanez CF-7) and while this pedal may not have the same amount of depth, it allows the transparency of my playing to shine through, and that's what I wanted.


It's still to new to tell how long it will last. I take care of my stuff, and I don't imagine I will be venting my anger on the pedal,(I'm kinda past the teen angst stage), it's not a tank like my other pedals, but it qualifies for a semi-tank status in my books.

General Comments

I play blues and classic rock. This pedal is just right for the mix. The paint job was kinda sloppy. It looks like a metallic blue leftover from my 1976 Chevy. Glad the finally found a use for the paint. I think the pedal will last, paint job aside.

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