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Sound Quality

I’ve never trusted korg before, and this is my first korg mfx. I used to use digitech. When I decided to buy new mfx this was the only mfx that sounds above average available in the store. I was amazed with its sound quality. Warm and fat. The tube Overdrive is the best I’ve ever heard, it spots on. I really like the variety of disto there, which gave me freedom to make any kind of sounds I can think of. The cab simulator is very useful. It enrich sounds. I also like the classic chorus, especially in stereo, very warm and full. I rarely use mod though. Pedal block is awesome but it will be better if it could control the drive gain. My equipments are like everybody else. Guitar and Amps. I do believe that no matter what equipments u use, if you experienced enough you will always create your own kind of sounds. I’ve used many kinds of gear and my friends always recognize my sounds. Make your own kind of sounds instead of others and eventually it will become part of you. Your heart and ear will guide your hands to tweak toward your own sounds. But of course, this pedal does give you access to copy your favorite artists’ sounds. Thanks to the complete disto.


no problem at all.

General Comments

I play Pop, blues, Rock,and metal.

What i love most from this pedal is its capabilities to make varied sounds. It motivated me to create new sounds.

You should try this pedal, but please, dont believe the presets, since they didnt show the real capabilties of this pedal.


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