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Sound Quality

I used it with a Custom vibrolux. I wouldn't have needed it if we could've used more volume. But it did give me that bit of drive for the blues, that the amp usually gives at a higher volume. A bit noisy at full bore with my Tex Mex Strat. Noisy Guitar anyhow, but great tone. Jimmy Thackery, Favorite Living artist.


Seems dependable. Only used it once, but it's built tough and I like the sound. I used it with no backup.

General Comments

Rockin' Texas style blues. Been playin since 1964. Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal, Vox Wah Wah, DOD American Metal Pedal. Big and small Fender Amps. All Fender Guitars. I would buy another if it were stolen or lost. Favorite feature, sound and tone. Works great with the Vibrolux Custom. It does help the music.

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