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Sound Quality

At last, an alternative. The Crybaby is a good pedal, but I think the DOD is a good choice. Excellent wah. Even better volume control. One damn fine pedal.


Didn't they shell Iraq with these during Desert Storm? I was taking this block of steel out to my van and slipped on the ice on my driveway, releasing the pedal to a breif flight through the cold Michigan air. It landed end first on the cement, and NOT A SCRATCH! I had to put the battery cover back on, but other than that, it worked fine. Unfortunatley my butt had a rougher time on the ice, but hey, that's life.

General Comments

A little pricey.... But worth it. Miy freind's Crybaby makes so much noise from it's stupid pots its not funny. A pedal for the electronically challenged or for those of us who are too lazy too clean our WAH pedals.

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