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Sound Quality

As a volume, it does the job. As a wah, it's a matter of taste so try it out in the shop. As a CC pedal, the unit should not affect sound quality, however.... When using a battery, I noticed that I was not getting the full range of parameter change I'd expect. Using a DOD FX125 Power supply (bought with the unit) I did get the full range. Using a voltmeter showed the the pedal was only going zero to 4.3 volts when on battery but zero to 5 when on the supply. Consequently, it's use as a CC pedal is not feasible while on battery unless you can live with not reaching the high end of the parameters. I tried all battery types, zinc, alkaline and Ni-Cad(fresh charged). Testing DOD's FX125 supply (labelled 10Volts) and found that it supplies 14Volts (huh??!) to the unit while under load (plugged in to the pedal and in-use). More about this later....


Don't drop it, you'll break whatever it lands on. The unit looks and feels bombproof! 1 millimetre folded steel. Weighs a ton! You could probably drive a 4x4 truck over this unit with no damage. However... The unit's 1/4" input jack nut came loose and fell off. I had to tighten all of the jacks up (they were all loose). Opening the unit up is simple. It's just one circlip, then slide out the pin plus 4 philips screws at the corners and bingo! it's open. The unit is made up of 2 PCBs, one flat the other vertical. The nut holding the vertical PCBs in place was 90% of the way off the screw. (If it had come off, It'd have dropped right onto the flat PCB and could have shorted the unit). I tightened it up, pleased that I'd opened the unit. The is no potentiometer to wear out. The vertical PCB is covered by a plastic (mica?) film that seems to act as a variable capacitor as the "wing" of the pedal sweeps across it. I can't see any moving parts that won't last years. Now that I've tightened it up, I think I can trust it 100% however, the rating reflects the tightening up I had to do (and the potential consequences of not doing so).

General Comments

I've got over the power problem by powering the FX17 from my Midi pedal board which is itself phantom powered over it's Midi-Out cable by my home-built supply. (I *hate* AC voltage and a box load of wires under my feet). This does invalidate the warranty but I'm going to risk it. The CC voltage really gives this pedal plenty of potential. So much more that just a wah/vol pedal. I don't like the .35 phono (mini headphone) jacks that DOD use as power supply and "CC voltage out" jacks. They spark as you plug them in which the DOD tech says is nothing to worry about. If you're a whisky/vodka drinker, keep your poison away from this pedal unless you want to risk instant, unplanned pyrotechnics. Will probably replace these with regular coaxial 2.5ID/5.5OD power jacks.

Submitted by : Smegz (Sorry, no email address I can use for this type of stuff yet)

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