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Sound Quality

I give 7 on this on most of effects including chorus, pitch, etc. Reverb works well too. Noise gate works but when you use it with other "noise" pedals like overdrive or compressor, it does not work. Don't even try to use two distortions (overdrive and grunge). They both sound cheap and cheesy. Overdirve sounds too light and too digital. If you want a vintage like, thick mid-range kicks, buy another stomp and use it with this. Grunge sounds like shit. Too much gain on high and unnatual. Compression does not give you enough sustain. EQ is stupid and I have not seen anyone who can manage EQ on this thing. I set mid for all ranges and use another seperate EQ pedal. After tying many different units, I finally got my set up: My chain is American Fender Strat -> Ross Comp - > Boss OD-3 -> SansAmp GT-2 -> Boss NS-2 -> Digitech RP5 -> Ibanez Delay -> GK250ML. I basicall use this unit for Mod/Pitch/Reverb and nothing else.


Built like a rock.

General Comments

This unit is OK as a handy/home alternative for a rack system. But some of effects are not living up to Digitech reputation (like distortion).

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