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Sound Quality

The sounds are awesome. Thats why I bought this board was because of the sounds. The effects are great plus you can route effects different directions. The velocity and aftertouch on the board is perfect. This board works for all kinds of music. I was making so bangin beats with this beast plus some smooth jazz stuff. Its a very flexible synth.


Its seems reliable but time will tell.

General Comments

If it were lost or stolen I don't know if I would buy another one but this synth is growing on me. I'm starting to use the board mainly for everything I'm doing. I love the sounds and the LCD screen. I hate the D-Beam. I compared this to the Triton Le and Motif. I dug the sound of the fantom, it had sampling plus you can get started pretty much out of the box. The Triton Le just had to many upgrades to get it to where I wanted. The sampling was not a standard plus everybody uses korg. Motif sounds were good but metalic sounding. Anyway, I wish the Fantom s could caculate loops for me. It would save me time punching on numbers. Other than that, this beast gets my creative juices flowing..

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