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Sound Quality

I run an Epiphone LP Standard Plus -> BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser -> DOD Gonkulator -> Marshall VS100. This pedal is ALWAYS noisy... i found it puts out a noticable hum when plugged into your signal... and thats when its not even turned on! Turn the pedal on and the fun really starts... as others have said.. the 500Mhz signal that drives the thing is horribly loud.. less noticable when youre playing.. but horrendous during silence.. i recommend a good noise gate if you plan on using this pedal. The effect does get real loud when you engage it, and distortion has a large effect on what kind of sound you get, i dont recommend mixing the pedals in-built distortion with the ring mod... it just sounds crap, put it through the distortion of a good valve amp and it sounds quite nice. The only artist ive ever heard use this is Mike Einziger from incubus.. he plays it in the song glass.. and fucks around with it a whole lot when he plays live, i believe some other artists have used it too .. i found it easy to mimic mikes sound after messing around for a bit. Effects that mix nicely with this pedal would be any good phaser or a flange, or a distortion pedal to drive it. I use a BOSS PH-2 and the clanky metallic sounds blend nicely with a washy phase to make some crazy sounds.


DODs are build very solid... despite what everyone says about the plastic cover on the foot switch and battery i dont think theyd break unless you jumped on it a whole bunch of times. Id gig without backup.

General Comments

I give it a 9... i only bought it cause it had been discontinued and i wanted to get one before it became near impossible... good for messin about and experimenting. I Play pretty much anything that interests me.. so its good to have it available. IF it were lost or stolen id definately get another one.. theres NOTHING else like it out there, i know a lot of people think its crap.. but hey sounds good to me :D.... try before you buy. you will either love or hate it.

The only thing i wish it had were some bloody proper labels on the knobs so you could understand what the thing does.

Thats about all... if youre looking to buy one of these theyre slowly becoming harder and harder to find.. if youre american i feel sorry for you because people selling them on ebay are charging to much, check out small music shops and second hand stores.

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