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Sound Quality

This is definitely the most versitile wah, and probably the best sounding no matter what your preference for wah is. If you play bass and guitar (or even just bass) this pedal is still a MUST. Get the 6 selector, its not overkill, its even better. My only gripe, to make this more of a 9 + 1/2 is I personallly think the full bass (heel) takes away too much volume. If you dont have a tendancy to occasionally put the wah in full throw (heel to toe in one swoop) this means you just easilly avoid the full low. But I personally have a small tendancy to full throw it occasionally, so I just put a SMALL peice of wood under the heel side, so it limits the low, and its even better, without worry if my mistakes will ruin my volume and tone. I doubt removing that little piece on the other side of the gear is nessisary at all with the tonal switch being so versatile. BUY this pedal! Its a dream come true. Buy one and become a wah junkie today! Oh yeah, a little bit of high end loss, but buy an eq for God's sake


I bout this thing will ever break ,other than scrachy pots. Gig freely!

General Comments

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