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Sound Quality

this is the first pedal of this type i've ever owned, so i have nothing to compare it to. that said, what i can compare the sound this pedal makes to is the a/b sound with the pedal off. the difference is quite dramatic. i have to admit, i bought this pedal thinking i would be using the treble boost, but i can't believe the sound i'm getting with the setting on all frequencies boosted. i try not to over-use any one pedal in my recordings, but the rangemaster is making it difficult to remove it from the signal chain. if that qualifies as a complaint, i suppose it's the only one i have.


i've only owned my rangemaster a month or two, so i can't honestly say it's survived the rigors of 20 years of globe-trotting arena tours. but for my purposes (home recording) i don't see any reason this sturdy pedal wouldn't give me a lifetime of pleasure.


General Comments

as you have probably guessed by now, i really like this pedal. i imagine you're not supposed to incorporate other pedals into a review for a particular pedal, but i'm going to anyway. i acquired a dan armstrong orange squeezer around the same time as the rangemaster, and the combination of these two pedals is amazing. does every guitar player have $350 (total cost of RM & OS) to blow on a couple of pedals? unlikely. but if you're wondering how i feel about my "blown" $350, i'm feeling pretty, uh, good.

Reviewer's Background

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