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Sound Quality

Four words; Don't Use It Alone! Just like you wouldn't drink salt directly from the shaker, this pedal is best used to 'flavor' your sound. My personal favorite setting relies on the fact that a Fender Bassman is rather clean even when it's cranked. My move is to turn up the level and tone knobs all the way UP. Then, I start with distortion turned all the way DOWN and trim it up a little until I find the 'bite' I like. In a blues/rock combo gig it adds enough character to help make my soloing stand out. Just like a good steak. Face it, good distortion comes from a 30-year-or-older speaker design being driven by a tube power amp at nearly double it's power rating. Preamp distortion and buzz/fuzz/distbox will always lack something. That's why it's only fourty bucks.


It's worked for over 8 years with only a little adjustment and cleanup of dirty jacks. I think that it's casted from the same stuff they use for HotWheels. Just try and kill it. It's not that bad on batteries either.

General Comments

Don't hate it, just learn how to use it.

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