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Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play everything from Blues to Pregressive. This guitar handles very well. Is it the best? not really. Is it a very well made, quality ax? absolutely. It has a goofy positioning of the selector switch that can get in the way until you are use to it. Rich Full Sound. Here the goofy thing, (John, what the hell were your thinking?), I really dig the way it sounds but here the configuration, humbucker - split mid coils- humbucker. Sounds cool huh? Because of the odd position of the switch (very close & tight) if you hit it while your jamming accidentally and it goes to the mid position, you have a huge volume drop. I decided to rewire it to a regular configuration. Now it sounds Great!! (The volume drop with the inner coils was a major pain in the ass playing live.) My set up is as follows - Guitar>ENGL 530 preamp>BBE sonic maximizer>Lexicon mpx-g2>VHT 2/90/2 through a Genz/Benz G-Flex 2/12 cab. Other Guitars are Gibson & Ibanez, Despite some of the things I wasn't crazy about, after the mod I give it a 9.


I buy guitars to play them. Thats what I do. I kind of look at them like race cars. I'm not afraid to get it to play like I want it to. Other than my preference in wireing, for the price, I don't think you can do better. Made in California, its an Icon of American craftsmanship. I always liked Ernie Ball's quality but never found the right neck. Better feel than the gem. This is it.


General Comments

I've been playing for 20 years now. Owned one of everything at one time of another, really. My 3 main guitars are a Gibson LP custom, Gibson Custom shop DC Pro and this. This fits well with everything. I it was stolen I might try the higher end Axis. Best feature= Neck, Worst feature= position of the selector switch.

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