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Sound Quality

I primarily use teles and strats. I play all kinds of music rock, blues, country etc. This amp handles all. The amp makes a strat thick and creamy. It punches a tele. Great for slide. Amazing overtones that chime. I use a Klon or Germ from time to time with graet results. If I had to choose one amp this would be it. It came with a Celestion 25W which I changed to a Weber Blue Alnico 30 watt. More headroom for the 1 X 12. I plan to get an extension cab at some point but the presence on the amp is full with a 1X12.


I've had it for a few months and it works fine. There's no reason to believe it wouldn't be dependable.


General Comments

I've been playing for nearly 40 years, have owned just about every tube amp, and this one is as good as any. If it was stolen I would buy another one pronto. I hope to have his 15 watt overdrive model soon.

I bought this after reading the review in Guitar Player and talking to Simon. Any fantasies/expectations I had about the amp were eclipsed. For the $ it's one of the best deals out there. You'll pay less for A Kingsley than a vintage Vox or Matchless and get more tone than you can imagine.

Reviewer's Background

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