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Sound Quality

This is what I love most about the JMP-1... It's a really basic unit, but the distortion is just what I was looking for. I play hard rock, and use a Ibanez Universe 7-string, and the tonal variations I can get out of just one setting on this preamp make it shine out among most of the rack units available. Distortion is VERY brutal, yet very controllable, and the clarity is very tasty.... I can go from peel-your-face-off distortion, to surf guitar heaven by simply adjusting the volume on my guitar... There's 100 presets, but I've found so much to explore in each one, I still haven't gotten past 20 of them used....


I've used this unit on numerous gigs, without backup, for 4 years now, and it has yet to let me down.

General Comments

I've been playing 17 years, and gigging for the last 11... I generally run this preamp with a Zoom 9120 effects processor (it's an odd model, very limited in effects, but high in effect quality) into a Peavey Classic 120/120 power amp, powering a Yamaha 4x12" with 70 watt Celestions..... I like preamp much better than the Digitech GSP-2101 it replaced. I've tried many other preamps over the years, and thought about upgrading the JMP to something newer many times, but I still have yet to find anything rack-mountable that comes anywhere near the tone this unit puts out. I love it, and if it were stolen, there would be a new one in my rack as soon as I could get my hands on one. This is THE preamp for me.....

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