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Sound Quality

GREAT FEATURES: a variety of convincing Marshall screaming tones. LOUSY FEATURES:I have been only able to get decent tones when the settings are on full, balls-to-the wall distortion. 1) The clean rythem sounds are very limited. The pre-amp does provide a glass-like, ultra-clean tone that works well with chorus/delay,ect .. However, I have been unable to achieve a good rock or blues rythem sound. Essentially, the choice seems to be either a screaming Marshall distortion or a fairly lifeless, wimpy clean sound. 2) The blues distortion settings sound processed, and solid-state like. I have been unable to get a real singing tone that could compare to a cranked Boogie, Soldano, or Fender tube amp.


I've had the unit for approximately 2 years, and I've played out maybe 10-15 times (I don't take it out except for hard,progressive rock gigs because of the lousy clean and blues sounds). No problems yet.

General Comments

Great for a variety of screaming Marshall tones that can be accessed with a MIDI controller. Pretty decent direct sounds too- although not nearly as convincing as when driven in stereo through some Celestian's pumping air. Problem: rythem sounds are extremely limited and weak, and blues overdriven sounds are not too pleasant.

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