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Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I know everyone is raving about the sound but I have about 10 guitars and I am very critical about the sound of them. I play a variety of styles both clean and dirty. Mostly clean. A lot of these guys are metal players and all they have to do is just crank it up so the pickup config and sound is not as noticeable to them. The pickups are average. Not much tone to them and the pickup config is limited. The middle setting in the 3way is that thin strat sound with all pickups engaged. The volume level drops several db's when using that config so you have to boost you signal when switching configs. I don't dislike the sound of it. In fact, the neck pickup is a nice tone but overall the magnetic pickups are not well balanced and there should be more pickup config options. The Piezo is average as well. In fact, it too is unbalanced and doesn't translate well through my orig 65 black face fender deluxe reverb. I know you're thinking "Don't play it that way" Well, I have a PRS HBII w/piezo and I use it that way w/my Fender deluxe reverb and it absolutely crushes the sound of the petrucci for both magnetic and piezo's! I'm going to try to adjust the piezo to be better balanced so this could be an issue with my guitar. Hopefully it can can sound a lot better than it does. Whether or not it's Ernie balls doing or this particular instrument remains to be heard. As of this time I'm knockin' it down for these issues.


Very reliable and durable.


General Comments

I've been playing serious for 21 years and play a variety of styles. I have 10 guitars and 2 are Music man guitars (1 is a Sterling Bass). I love the EB necks. The best around. So, the main issues are: poor toggle placement, average/unbalanced sound. Limited pickup configs. No hardtail option. I would only rebuy this guitar if I couldn't get a PRS HBII in a 7 string config. If I could (and now I'm going to call PRS) this guitar will be up on ebay to pay for it.

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