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epiphone SG-310 "Hi-Performance" Electric Guitar Pack with Valve Junior Amp

Sound Quality

the p-90 pickup cannot handle high gain distortion so you should find a good humbucker and install it in the bridge after you route a hole for the bigger pickup and you should use at least 10-46 guage guitar strings


the guitar is nice and solid ------good quality for the price


General Comments

this guitar now has a slanted humbucker at the bridge tusq string nut gotoh one piece bridge and gotoh tuning machines for a different look i added a cream colored wd les paul pickguard and had the guitar rewired for one pickup and one knob only----i wish this guitar had a tune o matic bridge and a gibson 57 classic humbucker-its always fun to customize guitars if you like junior sized guitars the sg 310 jr is a decent guitar------i bought this guitar because i dont like fender squire strats and teles

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