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Sound Quality

This thing is the craziest effect I've ever heard! I can get a decent distorted octave sound, but all the other setting are useless (except for the novelty factor). I would think twice before actually using it in a real band situation. I got it just for fun, and out of morbid curiosity. I never did get any Melvin-like sounds (I only have three of their albums, so maybe I missed something). In most settings, it doesn't even sound like a guitar. More like a 747 farting after a chili cook-off! But I like it (in a perverse way). Destined to be a collectors item!


Seems well built, but I am positive I will lose the battery-lid soon. Surely the people at DOD know that removable battery lids are a dumb idea! Why don't they at least give us a roll of duct-tape with each pedal until they think of a better idea?

General Comments

If you are a sick bastard, you will like this pedal. There are sounds in this pedal that just.....shouldn't be released! Hours of fun! BUT, I could never really see using it much except for an occasional lead. Like a Big Muff, it's not something you would want to use on every song.

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