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Sound Quality

It's a good pedal. But it's pretty fucked up. I get a lot of Wes Borland sounds. ( Limp Bizkit ) If you are looking for a octave or a distortion pedal but looking for a messed up sound get this pedal. I use this for tapping strings and using it when I switch my toggle switch for that synth sound a lot of times though I use it with some natural harmonics. But like I said it's a messed up pedal. I also interacts well with other pedals on different settings. I use it with a Ibanez 7-string RG7620 with a 60.-10. gauge string and a Marshall practice amp and 4X12 cabs with a Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier for shows. The best setting I use for this is: Heavy 15%, Buzz 65%, Saw 5%, and Thrust 50% with this tuning: A one step down down.


It's pretty reliable most DOD's are.

General Comments

This pedal is all right. If you are looking for a octave or distortion that is just hard-edged and clear do't get this. If you are looking for a sound something like Tom Morello or Wes Borland you should get this. I play in a band like Rage Against The Machine, KoRn, Limp Bizkit ( mostly them ), and White Zombie put together. So my band is pretty much aggro-rapcore. So for my heavy experimental sound I give this a 10.

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