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Sound Quality

Rich good tube sound that a Marshall tube amp should produce but a little on the tinny side for me. I tried different pickups (Full Shred, Ibanez, Dimarzio) and also different speakers (GT-75W Celestion, Vintage 30 Celestion, Peavey Sheffields) but still couldn’t get rid of that certain tone that bothered me. Perhaps a different Cab might have made a difference. Not very fond of the speaker emulation. Nice things are that it is very smooth while switching patches via Midi and conveniently stores your personalized custom presets for you easily. Nice clean sound also.


Built ver well. I owned mine for about two years and never had any problems with it on stage and off.

General Comments

I was playing metal at the time I owned this unit and didnt quite get the tone Ii was looking for out of it fbut probably just never found the right combination of devices or configuration. A little too much mid range for me but still great sound quality. I have been playing for 27 years and have owned a few different amps but not really that many considering how long I have been playing. Everyone has a slightly different ear and also different taste - overall I would recommend giving this preamp a try, it just wasnt exactly what I was looking for in tone but its features (Midi capabilities, storing custom made presets, stereo ins & outs, FX Loop) are excellent!

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