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Sound Quality

Before: nasal sounding, dry, honking mids, some balls, noisy After: More round-sounding, a little darker, a bit more balls, not as much honking, A LOT LESS NOISY, more usable tone control, generally a better sound. Is is as good as the real thing? Dunno, don't have one... It was a big improvement over the original TS-5! It is as good as a Fulltone '69? Nope, not a chance.... I think the low-noise op-amp greatly contributed to the reduced noise characteristics. I can't tell if the better caps helped but I doubt they hurt - I cannot see how those tiny, little electrolytic caps could sound 'good' in a signal path.


It's a platic potato bug. I wouldn't use it without a backup.

General Comments

This mod is a cheap way to make a pretty good sounding pedal out of a very cheap, okay-sounding one. Recommended.

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