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Sound Quality

Using a custom Tele with hollow sides and strat single coils thru a Princeton Reverb and a VibroChamp. I did the mod myself and installed a opamp socket to try different opamps. I choose the L833 and found it significantly smoother, warmer and quieter than the "original" NOS 4558P opamp I tried first. I changed out 2 resistors and 3 caps also. It is the quietest effects pedal I've ever used. With my setup, the 4558 opamp sounded more like distortion than the creamy overdrive I wanted and got with the L833. The L833 chip also produced some very nice harmonics that the 4558 did not produce in the same setup. (The 4558P chip I tried was reportedly one of the originals made yrs ago for Texas Instruments). I felt like the L833 opamp also allowed more of the natural tube tone to come thru in a overdriven fashion vs. changing/coloring the tone. Notes hold a long time and offer alot of expression. I like the Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Tab Benoit, Jeff Golub Duke Robbilard spectrum of jazz/blues & blues. The pedal captures some of those tones.


Not sure on reliability. Haven't had the mod long enough. Other Ibanez pedals I have work fine and are 20 yrs in my possession as original owner and work fine.

General Comments

I play mostly blues in the Tab Benoit, Albert King, Tommy Castro , Paul Black , styles .... I'm trying to learn the Larry Carlton & Jeff Golub style of jazz/blues fusion. I will buy another and mod it also. This is the first pedal I've played in 36 yrs of playing that I felt enhanced the original tone to simply be more of the natural tone overdriven vs. coloring the tone to be something good but different than the original. I very rarely use any pedals at all and prefer the amp cranked instead. But I like this pedal with the L833 opamp alot! I realize with different guitars and amp maybe the 4558P chip is the best? It wasn't with my rig for the tone I wanted. It seemed a little odd to be setting aside the coveted NOS chip everyone raves about, but I was clear with what I wanted in tone and the 4558 chip wasn't it. I would advise considering adding an opamp socket and see what fits your personal sound best. Incidentally, changing the 3 caps helped considerably in removing any coloring of tone and allowing the original tone to cut thru. I did the 808 mod first, switched the opamp to the L833 (tried it) and then changed the caps. Each stage had a discernable difference. My conclusion is that I will try it out myself rather than take the majority opinion. Not saying my approach is better for anyone else, but it helped me get the tone I wanted.

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