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Sound Quality

This unit was not to noisy in my rig and the noise gate did a good job filtering out unwanted sound. Actually, the noise gate was the only thing that I really liked about this unit. The distortion settings were horrific and the Wah sounded like trash.


I do have to say that it never failed me once and it was built very strong. I didnt use it on any gigs though fearing that because it was so complex something may go wrong.

General Comments

Overall I would never buy this unit again. It didn't impress my at all . I have played the RP-12 and liked it alot more but I still wouldnt trust it due to my past experiences with the RP-10. Personally, if a multi-effect unit is something you have been looking into don't look at this one. You probably pay to much money for it and you will get something that you will not be completely satisfied with.

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