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Sound Quality

Ok, I've had my RP-10 for about 2 1/2 years now, so I think I know it pretty well. Let me start, however, by telling you some things that you should probably know before you buy one. This pedal is not the holy grail of guitar tone. If your playing a shitty guitar through it, into a shitty amp it's not going to sound like the setup of your dreams. If you hate your tone and want to change it, don't buy a pedal, buy a good tube amp and a decent guitar. If you already have a good tone, however, and want to add great digital effects to it, (chorus, reverbs, delays, are the best sounding) sculpt it with the eq's, and give it studio sounding sharpness (via the noise gate) this is a great pedal. Now a word about the distortions... I never got the Grunge Distortion to work for me. If your playing with a band, It just doesn't cut through. It has alot of gain, but not alot of edge. It always sounded GREAT playing alone in my room, but when I played with a band I could never hear myself (This wasn't a volume problem I was playing through a 120w 4x12). I've actually played the RP-10 through 3 different guitars (A Les Paul, an Ibanez, And a Del Sol) and amps (A princeton chorus, a Crate GW-120, and a fender Pro Junior), and I've always run into this problem. However, the guitarist I was playing with could run a strat through the same amp and preset, and never have it sound great, who knows? Heavy sustain is pretty good, if you want to overdrive an amp, and overdrive I never really use. Oh yeah, the wah and whammy suck, but the volume pedal keeps it from being a total waste.


Some of the rubber feet fell of the bottom, and my power chord split and I had to wrap it with electrical tape, but other than that this thing is solid. I've gigged with it without a backup.

General Comments

This is a great pedal for what it is. It gives you alot of cool sounds. For me personally, digital sounds lacks something. I think I might sell mine and buy a couple good analog effects. In the end, I think that most people only use a handful of effects anyway, so If you definetly know what kind of music you want to play, and just want five or six really good tones, I think that you might be better off buying individual stomp boxes taloired to your style of music ( A good amp, a distortion pedal (a Boss Metal Zone for metal, an Ibanez Tube Screamer for everything else)a good wah, a chorus pedal, and a noise gate) I think that setup could put this pedal to shame any day. But, if you need alot of presets, want to make alot of weird noises, or dig 80's metal arena sounds, you might really like the RP-10.

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