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Sound Quality

I use a Mashall super lead. Made sometime in the seventies and two les pauls One 93 (with seymour duncan seth lover pick ups) and one 96 (stock pick-ups)It sounds good a lot of people complain about the grunge distortion they say it doesn't come through in a band setting. I use this mostley with an electronic drummer a bass player and a Keyboard player and I haven't had a problem finding my place in the mix It could be because I boost the lower mids this thickens it up a lot. I wish it had a way to make the distortions smoother or gainier(Being from seattle the only thing I don't like about the grunge distortion is the name) the overdrive doesn't sound like an overdriven anything, and the heavysustain is decent. also I wish that it had seperate eq's for the distortion and clean because if you eq for the distortion then switch off the distortion the clean is too muddy and if you put your clean on one patch and your distortion on another then there is a second delay before the change, I can't stand this. the effects are good I love the flanges and phasors. I like the delay's two, there is one problem, I like to have one quick slapback delay but there is only like one or two algorithyms with a mono delay. the rest are all multiple tap delay's, but you can set all the delay's to the same time and then mix the echo to where you like it I just wish you could choose how many echo taps you get. the wah suck's I would only use it if I were really desperate. I don't care for much reverb but when I want it it's there.


It has seized up on me a couple of times not lately. If I were gigging with it I would bring a couple of stomp boxes with me just in case

General Comments

I play psechedelic space rock and the Phasor's and flanges really give me that swooshing sound I like. I wish the disrortions were a little smoother. I have been playing for 9 years. I have a phase 90, a sovteck big muff a korg G1 a fuzz face reissue(soon to be modified)and a soulbender. You could spend day's editing patches If you like (I do) or you could just use the presets. I plan on buying the rp-21d so if it were stolen that would just give me a reason to go buy the rp-21d/

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