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Sound Quality

The clean channels is respectable. It has a thin, compressed sound that works okay with a fat-sounding jazz guitar or the neck pickup of a strat. It's not overly bright. The overdrive / distortion ain't bad. Middle-of-the road gain setting are usable but tweaking the 'shape' knob to find a decent sound can be frustrating. Over-the-top gains settings are a no-no. They sound cheezy and make the amp squeel like a pig getting branded with a hot iron. The reverb is poor. Almost any setting beyond 2 yeild an extra-sprongey, Velveta-like sound that would make a surf band puke. The chorus is minimally effective and a bit noisy. The real achiles heal of this little guy is it's anemic bass. Power chords result in maximus flatulus. When I first first heard this, I thought the speaker was toasted and replaced it with an Eminence Screamin' Eagle. No luck. Farting prevailed. I then pulled the chassis and replaced the 4,700uf @ 35VDC and 47uf @ 35VDC filter caps with fresh ones. A little less farty sounding but not much. It even farted through a 100 Watt, 2X12 closed-back cabinet. It's become a challenge to make this this sound better. If you don't have the electronics skills to go down this path, stay away!


I imagine pretty good. The layout of the PC board is pretty good and the components are of reasonable quality. The power transformer runs fairly cool. The reverb tank looks a bit weak though.

General Comments

As a practice amp, it might not be a bad deal for $50. For any other purpose, stay away.

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