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Sound Quality

I also own a modified Dunlop Crybaby GCB95, so let me try to explain how they differ in sound. The DOD FX17 has 2 trim adjustments, left trim for sweep & right trim for max volume. The Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 that I own as a very creamy, classic Vox-like tone especially when plugged into a tube amp. The Crybaby has a very vocal "Wah" type sound. It has a bit of hiss noise in the toe position. It has a true bypass switch mod which makes a loud click when turned on or off, but eliminates tone sucking. The DOD FX17 can be adjusted to sound subtle almost similar to the Crybaby "Wah" sound, but the overall tone is much more compressed. I adjusted the trim pot on my FX17 to make more of a "Wow" sound. I really like the sound of this effect, but at times, I do wish it sounded less compressed. Yet, the compression can be useful at times & I have gotten some great recordings using this pedal. The FX17 has pretty low noise especially compared to the Crybaby. Also, the FX17 does not seem to suck much tone when in bypass mode. Before I modified my Crybaby with a true bypass switch it was a horrible tone sucking device. And, the true bypass switch makes a loud "Click" sound when turned on or off. The FX17 Wah switches on and off very quietly in comparison. The volume pedal also sounds great on the FX17 if you have the trim pot adjusted correctly. Although, I use a different pedal for volume now, I got some great recordingd using the FX17 as a volume pedal.


The FX17 will probably last me forever. I have owned it since it was first released....more than 10 years ago. It started to get scratchy sounding last year which surprised me because it has no potentiometer to wear out. I opened it up and blew out the dust with a can of compressed air and it works like new.

General Comments

I have been playing more than 20 years. I use a number of guitars and effects. My main amp is a 60 watt all tube 1995 Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 made in the USA. My main electric guitars are a USA Fender Deluxe Strat & Gibson MIII.


I play blues & rock. I record some of my own music and covers of old classic rock.


I wish the switch was located in the toe rather than the heel. I wish the Wah didn't turn off sometimes by accident, but I think I can easily fix it. I wish it sounded less compressed and a bit more musical.


If it were lost or stolen, I would look for another on ebay. I guess I have grown attached to this quirky pedal. :-)

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