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Sound Quality

I use this pedal with a bass guitar and believe it or not, I think it´s the coolest "bass effect" ever made. With bass I think the fuzz´s tone should be at minimum and the fuzz should not be higher than halfway up to get the "gritty fart sound" that I think this pedal is made for. The pick-ups shuld be passive (or turn down the volume control if active) to not overloud the unit. Then it will sound more like some kind of distortion. The pedal produces good sounds booth with treebly an round ,bassy pick up sound. You better pluck the strings near the bridge though. If the fuzz´s tone control is set higher than minimum the deepest bass frequences will gradually dissapear a bit but I think it´s well balansed treeble with the tone at minimum, if you think not, you better fix it with the amp. Even though the pedal thins out the tone a bit , I think it is a part of the fuzz sound for bass guitarr. The pedal is not noisy at all and use this pedal if you want to be heard , not to dissappear!


All boss pedals has the highest quality and I have never ever had problems with them. And I´m a little bit thankful for that the pedal is not emptying the battery very fast, they are pretty expensive (in Sweden).


General Comments

I think this pedal is a good investment if you want an old-fashioned sound that really can cut through two guitarrs if it is used with bass guitarr! I also have an boss bass overdrive for more even sounds and mild distortion when I want the bass to "dissappear" a bit in the "soundscape".

Reviewer's Background

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