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Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality, and more flexible than you might expect. Lots of people complain about the hiss this thing makes .... hmmm ... let's see ... don't push the level slider all the way up !! Use the GE-7 to create your sound and then use the level control to BALANCE not overboost your signal. Also, if your using a $99 guitar made in Afganistan with a $49 practice amp, this will NOT give you the sound of your favorite guitarist, so stop diluting yourself. Remember this, good sound in, good sound out.


This (and all Boss pedals) would probably survive a nuclear war.

General Comments

I use a Jackson guitar (no, not a $200 piece of {censored} with the Jackson name on it, a REAL Jackson) and an ADA MP-1 preamp for my basic sound. I have the GE-7 running in the effects loop of the MP-1 and it is by far the best sounding guitar equalizer on the planet, no rack unit could even come close. Most rack and inferior pedal equalizers add their own "color" to your tone, this doesn't, it enhances YOUR tone without adding it's own. If you don't belive me, grab one for yourself and plug it in, you won't be sorry.

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