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Sound Quality

I play Kramers. Old ones. I have a Baretta, a Pacer, an old Aluminum V-neck, and a strat copy. The strat copy has three Fender noiseless; everything else is dual, tapped humbuckers. Generally I play with either series humbucking bridge or parallel humbucking neck. The blues tones that come out of the AX2, especially with the Dumble model or the "bluesbreaker" patch are marvelous. I could not do better with the Deville, although it would give me more volume. Keep in mind it doesn't sound EXACTLY like the Deville on any patch. But the tone is just as pleasing. Now, one thing you all should be aware of. Some of the factory patches have the model output volume TOO HIGH. This tends to make them sound shitty. If you're having a problem with a patch, go to the amp model row and reduce the level of the model output some. Then bring up the gain at the end. Digital audio does not sound good overloaded. Clean sounds are especially brisk. I tend to like my own sounds. If you have an AX2 and you don't like it but you haven't given up yet, try making your own patch. Play with everything. Take the time. If you still don't like it, sell it.


I have never had one problem with this amplifier. I'm pretty careful with it, but then again I should be. I also own a pod, which has travelled with me all over the US and even as far as Madrid (works fine on 220). No problems. I have had no problems with the floorboard either. But I'm not a 200 lb dude on steroids either.

General Comments

The price paid was including a floorboard.


There is no other amp out there that can do what this one can do. Some of the tone purists don't seem to like it, but let me tell you, a Marshall in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use it can sound like complete crap also. You cannot take a Fender, or a Marshall, or a Soldano, or a Vox, or a Hiwatt, and go from fluid clean to nasty bluesy to hard edge metal with such ease. I'd need all of those amps (plus a Roland Chorus) to be able to do what I can with this one.


If you're willing to learn a new way to use a guitar amp (instead of trying to set the controls the way you would on your Hiwatt 100 for example), then you'll get a kick out of this one.

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