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Sound Quality

Great, considering it is a hybrid design. It does Marshall sounds easier that any other preamp. Use a good tube power amp otherwise the sound will suffer. You can have any kind of Marshall sound. An alltube Marshall head will sound a little more punchy, but here you have a lot of different sounds. Just use the setting that goes with the song. Only preamp I will continue to use. Triaxis does not !!! sound anything like Marshall!! So keep that in mind. Other amps do not !!! sound like a Marshall, it is similar but you will always notice a difference.


So far so good - since 1995. Only changed tubes once. Original Marshall ECC83.

General Comments

Great overall Marshal sound. Don't compare apples to oranges. If you want Marshall sounds with different settings for differents songs or moods, together with midi (programmable loop !) then look no further. Cheap used, 10 years and still going.

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