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Sound Quality

I use the 2101 going into a korg tuner into 2 PA 1000 Watt Power Amplifiers going into 4 200 Watt Mesa Boogie cabinets with a shure UHF wireless system transmitted to a PRS bolt-on double humbucker guitar[great for metal rock], a Ibanez AX custom 4-string proto-type guitar, and a Ibanez AXR 7 string also double humbucker. All the tones have a turn on turn off switch for the gate and it cuts of almost imediately after you stop playing pending on the tone. Distorted sounds cut off nicely but there usually is a slight static sound that rings out for about half a second.Pending on the level of distort. Clean and dry tones cut off instantly but sustain well, its amazing. All trippy sounds with chorus,reverb,phase etc. cut of when the effect has drained out. All effects have there own special quality. Some I dont even bother with but you can make some great tones. If you expeiriment with tone enough you can get everything just the way you like it,but it takes time. I get great sound for stuff that is heavy limp Bizkit Pantera style stuff thats what I mostly play. Incubus,Metallica,Korn,Rage against the machine, Eric Johnson,Stevie Vai,Robben Ford,Wayne Krantz, Gun's and roses,Larry Carlton,Deftones, Nirivana and other various heavy artists tones can be found in the 2101. Lots of basic cool songs can be covered in this computer box. All tones can be great if you use them correctly and are fun to mess with. There are alot of different types of distortion and not enough clean tones. I feel the one hitch to this whole thing is that you don't get the true tube sound quality that you might get from tube amps.


So far for all the gigs I have performed it has'nt exploded on me. You here horrer stories about this knid of stuff but if you know how to work it you'll be able to sleep at night.When I travel on the road it never has died I just make sure to tell anyone who handles it to be careful. This amp is pretty trust worthy if you have a good idea of what to do in a crisis situation. I have a compact back up but don't bring it along much. I trust my 2101. NOTE: IT IS FRAGILE.

General Comments

I play rapish hip hopish thrash punk metal. It a controversal style. I like to play anything I am capable of. Anything but main stream sell out music. Metallica,Beck, Van Halen, all the quality stuff is fun for me. I also enjoy Jazz,fusion,rock, and anything that will help me grow as a player.

I've been playing for about 11 years and I think this has made me grow as a player. Before this it was an acoustic mess around guitar that I played everyday.

My back up is a basic set up. A Fender Deluxe twin reverb amp which is perfect for me with 3 BOSS pedals and two DOD pedals, HV-3 delay,nurse gate,super phaser, a DOD envelope filter, and a good old fasioned DOD buzz box. It all plugs into a power strip because replacing batteries is a pain.

If someone stole my 2101 I think I might get something else just to upgrade and move on to see what else is out there. But if it was stolen I'd be heart broken.

I love it because all people marvel at its possibilities and its so much easier then a bunch of pedals.It has its ups and downs but it is there to benefit me. I don't enjoy the fact that the tone is'nt as real as tube amps but works for my style. Through my PRS I have created the best distortions I have ever heard.Its the best feature.

I've played through other stuff and this to me is great until I personaly find something better.

It helps me seperate myself and be the player I want to be.I would suggest to anyone who wants a fun set up and has alot of spare time to get this amp the way they want it.



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