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Sound Quality

This pedal doesn't make too much noise, and that's with an AC adapter. This pedal has a very strong sound as mentioned in an earlier submission. I played a DOD FX75B Stereo Flanger before buying this one. I have to say this one is definatly superior, and worth the extra money. You don't have to worry about getting an annoying clicking sound when the rate knob is set high, as you do with the DOD one. The only thind DOD has over BOSS on this one is stereo capability. This pedal sounds great with my BOSS DS-1 Distortion


Not a concern with BOSS pedals. I don't know if this one eats batteries or not,since I have an AC adapter. I'd definatly use the pedal without a backup, but it's always good to have an extra battery.

General Comments

This pedal is worthy of buying again. I wish it had stereo capability, but it isn't that important to me. Again, in my opinion, this pedal is superior to the DOD Flanger in both sound and construction.

This pedal will definatly add to your music.

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