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Sound Quality

Its apretty horrible thing when it comes down to being noisy. I bought it off my friend, because he didn't like the way it went berserk once in a while. I don't know where he got it from, but it was making all these funny squeels once in a while, so i opened it and cleaned it a bit. It still makes those noises sometimes, so i'm a bit cautios about taking it to a gig with me. When it works it sounds really good although i used to have a Boss Hi-band flanger and i thought that was better.


I can't really depend on this flanger. It just starts making all these really weird noises. I think it has an earthing problem.

General Comments

Well, i wouldn't by this model anymore. I'm too frightened. It does have good sounds when it works though and i have used it on many songs. Remember to try this model for problems before buying, try what happens if you twiddle ac adaptor round a bit in the port. It may have some problems

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