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Sound Quality

I used this stomp box for a 4-string bass and it is designed for wall shaking heft(not as thick as the Korn sound). During rehersal one day I broke it out and the drummer told me his nuts were vibrating! with the meat setting on 8 o' clock,rump 4 o' clock, flank 12 o' clock and lbs on max. the box is not designed for distortion but for thick bass sounds. The main disadvantage I could foresee is the notes get distorted when you go past the E string do to the subharmonic blending. other than the above disadvantage and the icy hand of death upon my speaker cabinet (see "ease of use" note)I had a really good time with this stomp box.


I haven't had a problem with it yet? but it easier to switch than a boss stomp box

General Comments

when I first saw this pedal and used it I didn't notice a difference, because I didn't adjust the meat knob. I'm glad I came back to it! The meat box is the closest thick bass sound I've found in about 2yrs. I find it most effective to slap the E string while the drummer is bangin' on the floor toms so your bass notes don't get drowned out. I highly recommend it for all bass players. So what are ya' waitin' for!!!

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