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Sound Quality

I havn't figured out why DOD marketed this pedal as a bass effect, I have tried it out on both guitar and bass and it sounds bad on bass. But if you put it in your guitar chain it sounds great. I run it with a metal zone after it, I have tried it with a few other distortion, overdrive and the metal zone works best. It creats a great effect, on the lower strings you get a cool synth type effect, but once you get up to the G string or so, you don't notice the effect, this can me used for some cool stuff. I can't stand this effect on bass, but for guitar it is great.


It's not a boss, I don't like the foot switch, I looks a little to weak and I feel like I'm going to break it if I stomp on it to hard. But I havn't seen many problems with DOD pedals.

General Comments

It's a good pedal (for guitar) I don't like it on bass. I have about 7 pedals plus a Digitech RP-6, I'm a pedal freak. I'm always looking for new and different sound and I found some here, I use this as an octave like effect, to get a lower octave out of it. It's a good pedal but not a necesicty. But if you are looking for somethig different give it a try, they might give you a wierd look at the store when you want to try it on guitar. Watch out the you don't blow your speaker when you use it.

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